About Highest Residential Tower Southern Hemisphere

In January 2015, designer Fender Katsalidis unveiled that he has designed one of the highest residential tower Southern Hemisphere. The construction of the building is estimated to take four years. As per the designer, the tower will work like a bridge between the sky and the earth. The tower will have a height of 312 meters, when measured from the ground level with 100 floors.
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This construction will be one of the tallest towers in Melbourne, a city known for its classy, luxurious lifestyle. Does this excite you to know more about the project? The location for the project was bought by Fender in the year 2008 and then based on the area, he designed the tower. In the initial plan the building was 388 meters long and had 108 floors. This plan was first approved by the planning minister Matthew Guy.  Later it was revealed that the height of the building is against the rules laid by the aviation industry for air safety.  The designer of the project later slashed the top eight floors of the building and the plan was again placed for approval. Finally the designed was approved.

The building is considered unique not just because of its height but also for the luxury it provides when compared with other residential apartment in Southern Hemisphere area. You might be eager to know why the project is distinct from the others.  The building will have more that 1105 apartments and the top floor will be all the more special because of the penthouse style units. The lower floors will be used for commercial purpose with café’s, hotels, fresh food market, car parking etc. The market and stores in the building will be open for general public. The 83rd and 84th floor of the building will have a sky lobby. Swimming pool, gym, private dining room, studio, lounge, garden, and platinum screen are other amenities included in the project design.


Enjoy The Luxury Of Living In The Tallest Residential Apartment In Southern Hemisphere

Australia 108 residential tower is designed by Fender Katsalidis, a renowned designer. The estimated cost of the 319 meter building is $900 million. The initial plan of the tower had 108 floors which were later slashed to 100 because of the objection made by aviation industry.

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Investing in the tower means owing one of the best and unique residential apartment in Southern Hemisphere. The first 10 floors of the tower will have multilevel parking facility for the flat owners. After the 10th floor until the 68th the building will also be used for commercial purpose, which means all the amenities will be in these levels. As per the design the two floors, 68th and 69th will be used for maintenance purpose and after that total privacy will be maintained. Each floor will have around 18 flats or cloud residences. These flats are cloud residence because you can completely enjoy the beauty of nature from these floors. Owing a flat in the tower means you can live along with more than 1000 families, because this building will have 1105 units in total.

The building is located in the heart of the city. It is just a 3 minute walk from the project location to Crown Casino. If you drive down, you can reach Melbourne CBD in just 4 minutes. Flinders Street Station is also not too far. The location is just at a 10 minute walking distance across the Southbank Footbridge.

When speaking about amenities the tower will have everything starting from swimming pool, spa, gym, lounge, private dining space and platinum screen. The tower also has shopping stores and fresh food market.  Stores and market are located in the commercial level of the building which is open not just to the owners of the flat but also for people living in Melbourne.

Benefits Of Living In Exclusive Apartment In Melbourne

When you think of apartments, you will come across a variety in Melbourne, starting from duplex, triplex, lofts, and luxury apartments. You can live in any one of them but you can enjoy certain benefits when you owe an exclusive apartment Melbourne. Here are some of them.

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Highest Luxurious Residential Tower in Southern Hemisphere

  1. Luxurious units in Melbourne are available in different sizes and you can buy one as per your budget and family size. All these flats come along with balcony where you can spend some relaxed moments.
  2. Rooms of flat in residential tower Melbourne come with large windows so that breeze and light can fill the area with freshness.
  3. You can also enjoy the amenities of living in an exclusive tower. Swimming pool, club house, tennis court, golf room, gym, spa, club house, dining space and part are some amenities provided to the residents of these buildings.
  4. Exclusive towers in Melbourne also have shops and markets. Thus, if you need some utility item for your house then you need not travel long, which also means you end up saving money spent towards transport for reaching market.
  5. These buildings also have park where kids can play and enjoy with other children of the building.
  6. Organizing parties and other social events is also easy because you have community halls and staff for its maintenance in these buildings.
  7. Location is something that everybody looks for when buying a flat. Living in a luxurious flat means you can enjoy the benefits of living in a city while away from the hustle and bustle.
  8. Security is another advantage of living in a residential tower of Melbourne.
  9. These residential buildings have their own maintenance staff. So, if there is any repair in your house you need not run around looking for help.
  10. Growth in investment is yet another benefit of owing a flat in exclusive towers like Australia 108.

Why Hotels have been withdrawn from Australia 108 Plan

Melbourne is ready to be entitled with the tallest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere. This 319-metre high 100-storey tower will be built at Southbank. The residential tower is being developed by Singaporean company World Class Land, a subsidiary of Aspial Corporation, which is being headed by billionaire businessman Koh Wee Seng. Australia 108 will also have one of the most costly penthouses in Australia among its 1,105 apartments.

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The Australia 108 residential tower was initially planned to be 388 metres high, but later on it has been scaled down to 319 metres high due to the concerns over civil aviation flight controls. And because of this reason, the plan has been changed from a hotel plus apartments to apartments only. Hotels were in the plan to be built from 83-102 levels of the tower. In between 83 and 86, level 84 and 85 was supposed to consist of the sky lobbies with various facilities like swimming pool, dining room etc.

Australia 108 will consist of one-bedroom apartments (42-50 sq. m), one bedroom plus study room (57 sq. m); and two bedroom apartments (58-72 sq. m) and all on the first 67 levels. The levels above 67 levels will be the “Cloud Rise” section, with three-bedrooms (120-151 sq. m) and three bedrooms, three bathroom penthouses (172-211 sq. m). The completion of this Melbourne residential tower is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

Why Real Estate Investors keep Australia in their Top Priority

Reasons behind real estate investors to keep Australia in their top list are-

1. Throughout the Global Financial Crisis, real estate prices in Australia remained stable.
2. Australia is the only advanced economy in the world which has managed to generate positive and high growth during the Global Financial Crisis.
3. For the people across the world, Australia is a top choice for migration because of its safe haven status and great lifestyle.
4. Australia is very stable in terms of economic and politics, which cultivate a peaceful and secure living environment for the people.

Australia 108 Residential Tower Investment

5. Government lending rules are tight, which means that repossessions are kept to minimum.
6. Australia is a safe foreign investment destination which makes buying and owning property very transparent and also with low risk with a well-established; regulated legal and property buying system.

Australia 108, the highest upcoming residential tower in Melbourne is one such real estate investment zone where people would like to invest and gain profits in future if they prefer to sell them off.

Residential Tower in Melbourne

The consortium behind Melbourne’s proposed Australia 108 in Melbourne’s Southbank has been sold for $42.3 million in January 2014 by a Singaporean property developer, World Class Land. At 319m, 100-storey tower will feature 1,150 apartments. The development was approved in March 2013 by the Victoria Planning Minister, Mr Matthew Guy, following a re-design of the tower after height objections from the aviation authorities.

Australia 108 Residential Tower

The Australia 108 consortium includes architect and developer Nonda Katsalidis, whose firm Fender Katsalidis designed the residential tower in Melbourne. Katsalidis is also one of the developers of Eureka Tower, Melbourne’s present tallest tower which was also designed by Fender Katsalidis . The $900 million highest residential tower construction is set to begin in mid-2015 and is expected to be completed by 2019. Melbourne is said to be the most liveable city on earth. Australia 108 would be self-sustainable for its residents with all the necessary amenities in the tower itself. This project will serve as a great appetite for those desiring to live in a luxury residential in Melbourne. More than 800 units have been sold worldwide.

Know the facts about Australia 108 Construction

Various facts about the construction of Australia 108 residential tower in Melbourne might be still unknown to you. Australia 108, the highest residential tower in Southern Hemisphere will provide a high quality lifestyle in Melbourne. Aspial Corporation, a Singaporean developers bought this site for $42.3 million at 70, Southbank Boulevard. The construction of Australia 108 will start in mid 2015 and expected to be completed in 2019.Do you know that the construction of Australia 108 will commence now in 2015, following the approval for a second time by the planning minister, Mr. Matthew Guy. It has been given the ministerial approval after developers slashed the floor count to 100 from 108 to avoid aviation restrictions while the name of the tower is not being changed. Formerly, Matthew Guy approved this project in March 2013 but it was circumvent by the aviation authorities as they found that this would violate federal PANS-OPS regulations which protect the air safety.The $900 million development will stand at a height of 319 metres t and will comprise of 1,105 apartments. This residential tower in Southern Hemisphere is expected to be completed in 2019.

Australia 108 Residential Tower

Australia 108 Tower

By comparison, Eureka Tower is 297.3 metres and the Q1 tower is 323 metres.According to Mr. Katsalidis, the main difference between Australia 108 Residential tower and the Eureka tower is in the top portion of the building. The upper floors of the Eureka tower include many publicly accessible commercial area, whereas in Australia 108, anything above level 70 will be private. At 210 metre in the sky, 70 and 71 levels will house club lounges, infinity pools, fitness centres and private dining spaces. At level 100 there will be luxurious 750 sq. metre, 4-bedroom penthouse. There will be retail holding, fitness facilities, car parking and theatre for its residents on the ground floor.

Australia 108- A Cloud Breaking Design by Fender Katsalidis

Australia 108, a 100 level tower to be built on the 70 Southbank Boulevard site is a cloud breaking design by the renowned award winning architect Fender Katsalidis. Australia’s highest tower will go to that level where no development has gone yet. It is an immensly sculptural highest residential tower unlike any other in Australia. Its slender form is highlighted at the Cloud Residences levels by a golden starburst expression which morphs into a curvaceous structure against the sky. The starburst containing the resident facilities is inspired by the Commonwealth Star on the Australian flag which is a clear celebration of the sense of community within the building. 319 metres above the Melbourne streetscape, it will offer a cloudbreaking lifestyle for its residents. City’s amenities will be within easy reach below and the limitless freedom of endless sky above at Australia 108 residential tower.

Australia 108 Residential Tower

Designed with luxury keeping in mind are the exclusive facilities for its residents. The elegant Star 70 in the Star Club will put you high above the clouds and you can enjoy wonderful 360 degree views of Melbourne CBD and surrounding gardens and parks. It comes up with a premium gym equipment overlooking Melbourne’s most breathtaking sight. A visit to this sky gym will be a wondeful experience in its own. People who prefer something different, can swim a few laps of the splendid 25-metre indoor heated Sky Pool. Those who will reside in Australia 108 residential tower in Melbourne will be part of a world that a very few can even imagine.

Why the tower is named Australia 108 when it is only 100-storey ?

Australia 108 Residential TowerAustralia 108 is set to be built in the Southbank precinct of Melbourne. This luxury residential tower in Melbourne is a highly sculptural residential building with 100 levels of iconic designs. The project is just about a 3-minute walk from the Crown Casino and Central Business District is just 1 km away. Now, let me tell you why this project has been named Australia108 when it’s only a 100-storey tower.

When the project was first introduced in the year 2013, it was supposed to be 388m high with 108 storeys. Originally in March 2013, Matthew Guy approved this project, but it was thwarted by the aviation ministries as they found that Australia 108 residential tower would break federal PANS-OPS regulations which protect the air safety. Hence, the proposal shelved after it failed to meet the prerequisite enforced by the government.  During late-2013, the project was eventually bought by a Singaporean developer, Aspial Corporation for about A$30 million when plans were resubmitted in 2014 for a 100-storey with 319m tall. Australia 108 has been given the ministerial approval after developers slashed the floor count from 108 to 100.  But the Aspial Corporation has decided not to change the project’s original name and hence still after being 100- storey tower it has been named as Australia 108.

Australia 108 Supertall Skyscraper

Australia 108 Residential cum Commercial tower is the super tall private high rise by the popular cloud-breaking designer, Fender Katsalidis. Moreover, the same designer has built the most remarkable Eureka Tower in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia 108 will stand at 319m which is 25m higher than the Eureka Tower and it will have 1,150 units with various luxurious within the tower.  This Melbourne residential tower will radically remould the city skyline.

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Australia 108 Residential TowerIt is proposed by renowned Singapore Company Aspial Corporation , which also wants to build an 83-level skyscraper in A’Beckett St which is very near to Queen Victoria Market. It deals with core business in property development (World Class Land), jewellery retail, and financial services. The only reference made by World Class Land of Australia 108 in its media release was the last line which reads as “Its design has had a number of previous incarnations, with a 388m tower dubbed Australia 108 approved for the site in March 2013, but scaled back to 319m owing to air safety regulations.”

Australia 108, the exclusive residential in Melbourne is also planned to complement Eureka Tower by using the same GOLD strips which makes it extremely stunning as these two structures are going to be exceptionally noticeable in the entire zone thus creating solid attraction. Without any second thought in your mind you’ll desire to be the glad owner of this fantastic architectural piece. Australia 108 is an extremely amazing kind of its own which you can’t find anywhere else.